Our Services


We recruit our staff from a rigorous selection to find people equal to your image. It is a requirement that we make sure that we deliver exceptional service: excellent presentation, smiles, dynamism, professionalism, rigor, responsiveness, awareness, giving a VIP welcome…

• Hosts & Hostesses
• Waiters
• Bartenders
• Technicians (assembly, installation, disassembly)
• Lighting and sound professionals
• Children’s entertainers
• …


Whatever your event, we will fulfill your wishes with our selection of caterers. We offer flavors from around the world, emphasizing high-quality food and service. Menus are always inspired by seasonal products and adapted to your event.

• Gourmet
• Oriental
• French
• Asian
• Indian
• …


Candela & Co offers an artists service. Each year, we look for the best national and international artists, to offer you a large catalog of entertainment depending on your desires.

• DJs
• Musicians of all styles
• Dancers of all styles
• Acrobats
• Snake charmers
• Fire-eaters
• Photographers
• Cameraman & Video-editing
• …


With Candela & Co, you can rent a limousine, a yacht, or a jet for the duration of your project. We’ll manage your VIP trips in a limousine, Hummer, boat, or vintage car …


Our Candela & Co Event Managers are event professionals who know the field well and will manage the coordination of your event. Benefit from your Event Manager’s imagination and responsiveness, as well as their network, flexibility, and availability. A reliable person who will manage your budget and advise you with their experience and vision of the field. Our Events Managers are also available for consultations.


Our decorators will transform or enhance any place in a jiffy. They will also advise you in the association of tones and equipment to make the atmosphere of the place of your event unique and to your image. Incredible transformations, thanks to endless creativity…


You can rent furniture and decorative accessories for your event.
We have all the necessary furniture, whatever the request or theme.
You can request a quote at info@candelaco.com
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