Theme Evenings


The Tale of The Arabian Nights

Candela & Co will take you on a journey to visit the enchanting East…
Enter Alibaba’s cave and soak up the oriental ambiance with belly dancers, colorful lamps, cushions and curtains, fire-eaters, palm trees, and Maghreb-style entertainment.


Candela Beach & Tropical

Candela & Co will let you experience the relaxing and upscale atmosphere of the most beautiful beach parties. An idyllic setting, around a pool, on the edge of a lake or the sea, or even in the city center. Palm trees, fine sand, nets, armchairs, beach beds, a saxophonist, DJ Chill Out, a cocktail bar, acrobats… We’ll transform the venue of your choice into a lounge space worthy of the most trendy beaches.


Relive the fifties thanks to Candela & Co!

Amusement and nostalgia guaranteed with 45, the cotton-candy machines, trapeze dresses, bell-bottom jeans, bright colors, and rock dancers! Enjoy yourself, do the Twist or the Madison, relive the great time of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, or Jimi Hendrix. We take care of your trip back in time…


At the Foot of the Slopes

We’ll reproduce alpine scenery with a warm and luxurious touch during your event. Decoration, furniture, a caterer, and activities that take you into the atmosphere of the most beautiful ski resorts. A mountain getaway wherever you are.


In Brazil’s Colors

No need to travel to Brazil to live a Brazilian night! Candela & Co will bring warmth and joie de vivre to your venue. The Brazil atmosphere will be brought to you through Samba dancers, percussionists, and Capoeira demonstrations . The decor and flavors will take you through the wild rhythms of Bahia…


Luxurious Masquerade

Candela & Co’s decor will immerse you in a muted and refined mahogany ball atmosphere, worthy of a Commedia dell’arte. Imagine the splendor of eighteenth-century entertainment consisting of stilt-walkers, jugglers, fire-eaters, as well as Marquises and Marquessas with their fans. The Venetian masks of your guests, combined with luxurious velvet decorations illuminated with candles, will transport your guests to a mysterious atmosphere…


Journey to the Middle Ages

Here ye! Here ye! A message from the great house of Candela & Co! Princesses and knights, go back in time to experience a unique event. Dress your walls with banners, flags, and garlands, surround yourself with faux stone walls worthy of the atmosphere of a castle. Sketches and fighting demonstrations, fire-eaters, medieval craftsmanship, jugglers and acrobats, costumes and decor. All you need to travel back in time for an evening.


Cabaret Evening and Parisian Nights

At dusk, Candela & Co will take you into the world of the greatest cabarets in Paris. Surrounded by an effervescent decor of the Parisian festival, magic will fill the air. Prestigious champagne bubbles, large amounts of macaroons, flamboyant feathers, French Cancan dancers and cabaret magazines, its enough to make heads turn…


A Star In Everyone

Allow your guests to live the American dream during your evening. VIP entrance, red carpet, entertainment, and movie decorations… At the big Grammy Awards ceremony, the trophy of the most beautiful evening will be given to you!